So I'm lead to believe that Bush hears voices?

from by The Ghost Computer!!



Taken from the "Director's Cut" EP
For Gorge Bush Jnr...And you know what you can share it with your Dad
as well...Fuck you.


Hey Mr. President!
You Said that God speaks to you?
Does he tell you to send poor farm boys off to die?
No Gorge that's called schizophrenia. X2
It's not god.
It's not God Gorge, It's a mental disorder. X2
It's not God Gorge It's schizophrenia
No Gorge that's called schizophrenia. X4
It's not God.
No Gorge that's called schizophrenia. X4
It's not God.


from I Am The Black Box - The Director's Cut (2004​-​2012), released May 21, 2014
Lyrics by Rookie Allen
Music by Rookie Allen and The Ghost Computer!!
Remixed and Remastered by Clay Vernon.



all rights reserved


The Ghost Computer!! Australia

The Ghost Computer!! are regarded as the founding fathers of the Politically driven hacktivist audio graffiti known as Neo-trash. Since 2004 The Ghost Computer!! has spit into the faces of its critics and demolished the faces of its fans.

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