Taken from the "I Am The Black Box" Album.


Warning!! Warning I'm about to touch on a subject that some of you may not like to hear my views on. But your gonna hear them anyway.
Let's do it.
I think religion is an out dated concept.
And I won't follow you. X2
I found my way without the words of a prophet. X2
Don't be scared of the beyond, just live! Just live!

Am I the only one who has ever questioned Adam and Eve?
Incest may be wrong but they had two sons. Which mean that to start the human race, they would have had to have sex with their mother...
Think about it.

Please stop coming to my door I don't trust you.
Please stop coming to my door I will never trust you!


from I Am The Black Box - The Director's Cut (2004​-​2012), released May 21, 2014
Lyrics by Rookie Allen
Music by Rookie Allen and The Ghost Computer!!
Remixed and Remastered by Clay Vernon.



all rights reserved


The Ghost Computer!! Australia

The Ghost Computer!! are regarded as the founding fathers of the Politically driven hacktivist audio graffiti known as Neo-trash. Since 2004 The Ghost Computer!! has spit into the faces of its critics and demolished the faces of its fans.

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